Small Business Seo Tips

Properly optimizing information on your business website

  For small business seo your website is your most important and valuable online asset, so ensuring that it is properly optimized to display high within search results.

  • Create a domain name that reflects your business type and location. 

  • Add keywords to page titles that identify your business, its services, and its location.

  • Include your business name, address and phone number (NAP) information in not only the homepage or contact page, but every person page of your website.

  • In addition to highlighting your offerings, make sure your website copy can include as much information about your local area as possible to connect your business with the surrounding area.  

   Secure, build and update your business listings on local websites

  Perhaps one of the most effective ways to promote local SEO is to ensure the availability and consistency of your business’s listing information from third-party sources.  Google and other search engines continuously scan these sites to develop a strong understanding of the local web and your business.

  When your business is not listed – or the information listed about it is incomplete or incorrect – there is a risk of little or negatively affecting the placement of your business in the search results.

  • Create your listing with photos, videos, website URLs and other important information to make your listing more informative and attractive to potential customers.

  • If your business has multiple locations, create separate listings for each location on your website to increase the visibility of your brand and each of your stores.  Search results for Billy’s Bakery reveal three different places of business individually.

Ensure an appropriate link strategy

  Links from your website to other related websites, and vice versa, play a role in your business’s SEO visibility, as they help establish the authenticity and credibility of your business.  But trying game systems by taking advantage of unrelated links will damage visibility over time.

  • Continually share links on your website through your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, and encourage others to pass along the information as well.

  • Host or sponsor local events, or offer discounts for neighborhood students, and then link to your website when talking about activities that are available to neighborhood businesses, local chambers of commerce, charity organizations, and other partners  Please encourage.

  • Create a local directory of community resources, including your favorite nearby restaurants, stores and cultural attractions, so that you can provide an opportunity for others to link (and return the favor to them).  Even consider starting a blog where you can talk about your business neighborhood and businesses and places of interest.

Daryl Crawford