Where To Buy Beats Online

Where To Buy Beats Online

The Best Sites To Buy Beats


       Tracktrain is a pure invitational platform to buy and sell beats.  To be able to offer their rhythms for sale, producers have to accept the platform.  Anyone can buy Beats directly from the platform.

       While Tracktrain does have a widget that you can embed, this was clearly a consideration as the main premise of your website is on the platform.  The integrated player is not as feature-rich as that of Beatstar or Airbit.  So if having a player on your own website is important to you, this may not be the best option.

       One of the main benefits of Traktrain is building your own community.  It’s clear that they spent a lot of time thinking about building an engaged and loyal community.  This means that many artists only get their beats on the tracktrain and are therefore more likely to hear your music.

       Overall, the tracktrain leaves a lot to be desired in artistic terms.  If a serious artist knows that they will be broadcast well given the condition of the contract, then there is no point in buying a Rhythm from Tracktrain.

       Beat Brokerz

       When it comes to having a large catalog of beats, Beatbrokers definitely ticks that box.  With nearly 30,000 beats and over 3,300 producers, this marketplace has a one-stop collection of songs that artists can license.

       Beat Brokerz operates on a subscription plan which is similar to most of the other websites we have covered.  For a free plan, you can load up to 25 beats, with Beats Brokerz charging a commission of 10-29%.  It is not clearly defined how the commission varies, which is strange.  You must be clear about the importance of different commission percentages.

      Beat Brokerz also provides contracting, copyright protection and other services related to debt collection to help producers feel comfortable making sales on their website.  For example, Beat Brokerz will attack artists for billing sales and payments if they break the contract.

       With the paid plan, you can have your own “Elite Brand Page” which is your very own website and app to sell your beats.  It’s similar to the player and insert options on AirBit and BeatStars.  However, this page and readers do not look as modern and technically mature as other pages.

       At the contractual level, it is not clear how an artist can contract.  The license page in the site footer is broken and the contract options do not set the streaming option when purchasing the song.  Probably because this site was built before broadcast even existed.

       There are also Premium and Pro license options, but most have a time limit of 2 years or less.  Beatbrokers contracts are generally counterproductive and difficult for artists to understand.


       Soundee is a lesser known but powerful platform that some heavy hitters only use to sell their beats.  People like Epic the Dawn and Robin Wesley, both successful beat-selling producers, use Soundy as their platform of choice.  In fact, Robin is an advisor to the platform and helped develop it.

       Soundee seeks to differentiate itself through integration and business tools to help producers with marketing and accounting.  Soundy offers webhooks, email marketing integration, and various payment methods for easy use and setup.

Best Practices For Tampa Seo


What are SEO best practices?

  Small business SEO best practices are a set of tasks designed to help improve a website’s search engine ranking.  Common search engine optimization best practices include site optimization, researching keywords, and building backlinks to the site. That’s why hiring tight slice tampa seo company is important to your business.

  Then, once you get your foundation, dive into new and advanced approaches.

  With this, here are the 10 most important SEO best practices you need to know in 2020:

  1. Quickly add your main keywords to your content

  It is no secret that you want to use your keyword multiple times on your page.

  But you may not know that the location of your keyword also makes a difference.

  Specifically, you want to mention your main keyword at the top of your page at least once.

  Why is this thing?

  Google places more weight on words that appear at the top of a webpage.

  Google puts more weight on the terms at the top of the webpage

  2. Write unique title, description and content

  Avoiding duplicate content is the most important SEO best practices to keep in mind.

  In fact, Google has said that you should avoid “duplicate or near-duplicate versions” of your content on your site.

  Avoid duplicate content

  And this rule applies to every piece of content on your website, including:

  •   Title tag
  •   Meta description tag
  •   Ecommerce Product Page
  •   Landing Page
  •   Image Total Text
  •   Category pages

  Basically: If you publish a page on your site, the content of that page needs to be 100% unique.

  If you run a small blog with a homepage and a set of blog posts, this rule is very easy to follow.

  But if you own an e-commerce site with thousands of products, it can be difficult to write unique content for each page.

  If you are having trouble writing content for each page, consider combining pages that have similar content together.  Or use canonical tags.

  Use canonical tags to combine pages with similar content

  3. Optimize your titles for  SEO

  When it comes to on-page SEO, your title tag is keyed.

  Google even went so far as to say: “Using high-quality titles on your web pages is important.”

  why is it important?

  Well, search engines pay full attention to the terms used in your title tag.  This is why you want your keyword in your page title.

   But what you don’t know is that Google places more emphasis on words and phrases that appear early in your title tag.

  Google places emphasis on opening words in keyword title tag

  So if it makes sense, then start your title with the keyword you want to rank.

  And my title tag starts with that exact phrase.

 Ecommerce SEO Google SERP

  Sometimes it is not possible to use your keywords, as this will quickly make your title tag awkward.  Yes, search engine optimization is important.  But your title tag should also be useful to users.

Website Designing Tips

Your website is your individuality in the cyber world. The status of your trade is exaggerated by the plan of your website. Therefore, suitable website improvement is a precondition for personals and businesses enthusiastic to magnetize embattled interchange to their websites.

Generating an attractive website will not be sufficient unless it is talented to magnetize a huge figure of beleaguered interchange. Therefore, the confront of a website designer is to generate a visually pleasurable when it comes to web design Tampa.

Clean And Uncomplicated Plan

Even though you might have theatrical thoughts concerning scheming a website, studies recommend that visitors have a preference websites that are simply readable. Oppose the enticement of congestion WebPages with curriculums and graphical imagery. Even though, they may increase the image magnetism of your website, they are inclined to sluggish down the load era of the sheet, which might change traffic as well as the position of the webpage.

As an alternative of fashionable fonts, apply average fonts that are accessible on all computers. To advance readability, formulate adequate utilize of white liberty.

Easy Navigation

Guests like enhanced discovering websites that can be steered effortlessly. Make use of a smart, clean and simple to utilize navigation arrangement. The assignment of the direction-finding relations also plays an imperative responsibility in formative how lengthy a tourist stays on a website.

Browser Compatibility

A web design that work for one browser might not work for any more. The aspire of a web planner is to expand a website that works on the admired descriptions of dissimilar browsers such as Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, , Netscape, Safari and Opera.

Tips to Help Choose the Best Website Designer

  1. Be confident that the individual you employ is amicable and unwrap to your thoughts concerning how the website should seem. It can be extremely effortless to agitate out the similar category of website, predominantly using a content administration method. So have a glance at their collection and seem to observe a extensive difference in techniques.
  2. Locate out how greatly they be acquainted with concerning search engine optimisation (SEO), and how they will arrangement the website consequently. A lot of populace can construct a website, but it is significant to integrate the key main beliefs of SEO.
  3. Converse to your network designer concerning keywords. Be confident that they will perform the research necessary and will provide you direction on by means of them in the replica.
  4. Discover out whether they will be preparation you on utilizing the all data management scheme on one occasion the design is completed. One key standard of SEO is to remain website data bright. Therefore, life form clever to modernize it with no trouble yourself is awfully significant.
  5. at last, make sure that you talk about expenses frank. additional functionality which you consideration was normal might be extra and expenses rise.